Long Live the King and His Family   


Founder &
Chief Executive of
Papaya  Shani

Founder in 1988, Papaya Restaurant is a reflection of its founder Shani and her passion for quality food and providing warm hospitality. Over the past years, Shani has completed many food nutrition & restaurant management courses and has gained practical experience working in various kitchen setting from London, Italy, France, Korea and now in Thailand. Shani was inspired to realize his lifelong dream of starting his own restaurant that reflects his values of quality / nutritious food, excellent service and warm hospitality. 

Team Papaya

Having a well trained and dynamic team that can work seamlessly together to provide customers with excellent service is the key to papaya's success.
That is why we are committed to continually developing the knowledge, skill and personal qualities of our employees. This not only improves the quality of customers service we provide, but also enable our employees to achieve long-term career goal and make a positive contribution to their community.  



Mission Papaya

Welcome to Papaya !  Our establishment is located on the beautiful island, Phi Phi Island, which part of Thailand. At papaya, we are passionate about combining traditional Thai inspired dishes, excellent service and warm ambience to offer customers the best dining experience available on Phi Phi island. In the future, papaya aims to pay a key role in developing quality tourism on Phi Phi Island, Thailand.